Hungary’s location couldn’t be better- it is situated in the middle of Europe. Lovely passage between the east and the west. If you would like to go to either side, for sure you have to pass through Hungary. You cannot cross to each side without crossing Hungary. That has advantages and disadvantages. What are those? Come to a tour with me and find out.





Just as well as the location, we also have a unique and extremely interesting language. Hungarian language, the words and the grammar always keeps scientists thinking.

Why? (Miért?) How? (Hogyan? ) did this happen? (Hogyan is történhetett? )........I guess you understand now why....





Hungarian traditions go back to way before we arrived to this land, which was about 1200 years ago. Only then, we took up Christianity, only then we made tremendous changes in our behavior and lifestyle.

But beleive it or not, we carried on with ancient traditions and combined them with christian traditions. Came a nice mixture of christianised peaganism or peaganised christianism. Either way it is unique and interesting.




Hungary has 2 major parties one left and one right. We have more but these are the major ones.

At the moment it is the right party (2016) , but it can change in every 4 years. The leader of the country is the prime minister who is elected by the people and we have a president who is more representative.




The most famous food is the goulash, but in reality there is much more to it. Goulash is a soup really, but you might know it as a stew. They are both hungarian but the stew has a different name. We have also have cakes you cannot resist. Gerbaud cake you can taste in the Gerbaud café itself, the Dobos cake, with glazed caramelized top, Esterhazy, which is based upon nuts...and the list goes on and on.....


Places to Visit


Outside of Budapest there are a few places and towns which I think is a must have.

If you are looking for some culture combine with natural beauty, Esztergom-Szentendre-Visegrad is the perfect places to visit.

Only in Szentendre, we find so much art, no wonder is called the capital of art.

Győr is a place where baroque and religion is combined in perfect harmony.